In this interview Triston Andre & Bejay Mulenga drop some knowledge on the act of levelling up, preventive measures to ensure the utilisation of your time, and some overall actionable advice to ensure that you succeed not just in business but in life.

After reading this article you will learn how to:

  1. Level up your network💡 
  2. Grow into your best you 💡
  3. Utilise OKRs, Boundaries & Time blocks 💡
  4. Deal with the FOMO 💡
  5. Stay motivated 💡
  6. Get paid on time 💡
  7. Discern the important things 💡


Level Up!📈


Ciara may have taught us how to level up in love, but Triston & Bejay have cracked the code on how to level up in life.

This is not a drill.  I repeat, this is not a drill.

Why your Network is important

The key to levelling up in life is levelling up your network.

Triston & Bejay place weight on the importance of positioning yourself in the right places to have access to the right people. If not, you may find yourself becoming a ‘Mr fix it all’. Meaning you become the point of contact for everyone’s problems when that shouldn’t be the case.

The key to breaking this yoke is your positioning and leveraging your network.


The Road to the Level Up X Bejay Mulenga

We can all agree that the road to levelling up is never easy but very important. Especially if you plan to progress in any area of your life.

But not to fear, Bejay is here!💫


Not being afraid to re-invent himself has played a pivotal role on the path to the ‘level up’ for the brand of ‘Bejay Mulenga’.

Although he has always enjoyed modelling himself off of other people’s success, his biggest business inspirations can’t be tied to one specific moment.

Whether that be one brand or business, much like Bejay’s multifaceted nature, he draws on many different inspirations from many different sectors.

His journey into different sectors comes from doing everything he enjoys.  Bejay has dabbled in the world of management, publishing, touring and events. Then he got his feet wet in the marketing world. He splashed around in everything from youth marketing, influencer marketing and campaigning.

For the last two and a half years he has been pinpointed around providing training. Focusing on the resources that people need and being that personified WIFI that people need to meet the right people.

To evolve is to elevate

If Bejay’s success is anything to go by, then maybe the key really is doing everything you enjoy. Alternatively, there is one word that sums up Bejay’s journey.

Evolution. He is never afraid to evolve. 🌏

Bejay's comfort with his process of self-evolution, minimises, and eliminates the fear of being involved in too many things. Although some may worry about being labelled for more than one thing, Bejay expresses the beauty of it.

Being a multi-hyphenated person is a positive.

In life you can be whomever you choose to be with the help of two things: clarity and confirmation.

No matter what you choose to do, be confident in it and allow people to gravitate towards you.

Be secure within your identity and become synonymous with what you do. The beauty in doing so is that you can start over as many times as you want!

Newsflash you are allowed to re-invent yourself! 🤯


Utilising OKRs, Boundaries & Time Blocks

Now onto the life-changing part.

When it comes to obliviating the pressures and anxieties of business, there are three main things you can do.


OKR’s (Objectives & Key results)

The first is a system that businesses such as Google enjoy using daily.

This system requires you to plan out the most important things you want to achieve every quarter.

For example, the business goals you hope to achieve. Your quarterly goal is based on what you want to do or achieve in the year. The reason that quarters are focused on is because every quarter differs from the previous and from the next.

However, before attempting your quarterly goals, it’s important to look at breaking down your weekly goals.

Maximum quarterly goals should be up to 5 goals then distribute those goals weekly. Or you may choose the approach that most entrepreneurs do and write a business plan for reviewal!



However, the problems with using this approach as opposed to OKRs is having a clear structure and goal in place to work towards. Although business plans may allow you to have a couple of targets or milestones in your team, there is very little to no structure around how everything feeds into each other. OKR’s are more favourable for this exact reason.

Having weekly chats with your team or yourself around personal and business OKR’s or business goals enables to decide what should be a part of your key results for the week.

Time blocking

Block your time! You allocating your time into blocks could be the difference between your productivity and procrastination. Give yourself time to do the miscellaneous things you need to do.

By doing so, you can easily delegate the smaller things that may occur at any time. Your attitude when it comes to time blocking is imperative. It’s important you do not just react and respond when the little things start to pile up.

Outline what you need to achieve this month and then look at how you plan to achieve it throughout the week.

The final words

FOMO; the epidemic

Yes, it’s an epidemic and I’m not talking about Covid19.

I’m talking about FOMO. Fear of missing out.

Although it may not be classified as a detrimental disease, it’s still a disease that’s affecting the nation one way or another.

FOMO is like a circle, almost like a merry-go-round. It a consistent cycle that stays coming around all the time.  If you miss something the likelihood of it happening again is very high.

To avoid this feeling, it is crucial to be aware of what you put your energy into. The less you put your energy into, the less emotionally attached you become.  This will minimise your fear of missing out. This full circle moment goes back to identity and the essence of belonging.

All everyone wants is to become a part of a community. This comes from having a greater level of self-awareness.

To love oneself first is more effective than loving the opinions of others.

Wish Upon a List 📃

It’s time to start allocating your wants too!

Creating visions boards and wish-lists are both great ways to putting a blocker on impulse purchasing. They are a great way to separate your wants from your needs.

Your finances will thank me later, trust me !

The Motivational Bit

Triston provides two motivational rules that have impacted him greatly:

  • Working out in the morning to keep the body awake. 👟

Yes. I know. The horror! However, if it works for Triston Andre then it must do wonders for self-discipline and motivation.

  • Prayer is key 🙏

Being able to find peace in your release is key. Gaining a moment of complete serenity is something that should be a part of everyone’s routine.



Everyone’s favourite part; getting paid!

Triston places great emphasis on doing your due diligence. 🖊

Make sure that you are keeping in contact with all the people you need to.

He advises that when conducting business, direct messages without any follow up emails may not be the best thing to do, as you leave yourself wide open.

Triston also highlights the significance of finalising your communication style. If not, this could lead to blurred lines.

Ensure that you know your legal requirements and ensure there are no loopholes within your contract.

People will only take you as seriously as you take yourself.



Discernment of the urgent

Triston recommends focusing on the substance- this is what's important.

What are the best ways to do that?  I’m glad you asked!

  • Get your stuff done before mid-day, or from when you first wake up. Usually aim to get it done in the first three hours. 🌅
  • Work towards being an early riser. ⏰

Urgent things can usually get done within 5 to 10 minutes while important things usually take a bit longer. Work towards separating your tasks and you will see a change in your workstyle.

By doing so, you will find yourself procrastinating less and completing tasks that need to get done.

The summary…

Bejay Mulenga and Triston Andre have provided great insight into their journeys, and how they became the business entities they are today.

A lot of actionable advice has been given throughout this article that can really impact the type of life you are living presently and help you make room for the one you want to live tomorrow.

Advice is great, but it is nothing without action. ✅

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